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We provide consulting services for Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), Paratransit, Luxury Sedan and Limousine, Taxicab, Mass Transit, Transportation Network Companies, Transportation Brokers, MSO, MCO and Healthcare Plans.

About me.

Mr. Berkowitz has extensive experience in the passenger transportation industry. Since 1982, his career for over three decades qualifies him as expert in passenger transportation company management and provides critical knowledge, expertise, and consulting services for: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT), Luxury Sedan & Limousine, Paratransit Operations, Expert Witness Testimony/Trial Testimony/Case Reviews, Mass Transit (Bus & Rail), Compliance (Human Capital, Vehicles, Operations), Policy & Procedures, Safety Practices, Wheelchair & Stretcher Securement, Transportation Network Companies, ADA Compliance, Transportation Brokering, County Ordinance and Regulations, Software Platform Solutions, Brokering, Mergers & Acquisitions.

While Vice President/Managing Partner of H&S Personal Car Service and Consulting, Inc., He provided consulting services including business blueprints, policy & procedures, compliance protocols, ADA compliance, Safety, software, vehicles, training, fleet management, on-demand/Rid Sharing (TNC), marketing plans, new business avenues, call centers, network development and operational budgeting. He established country/state compliance for licensing and permitting of the company and vehicles.

As the Director of Network Expansion/Director of Transportation Operations, Alivi (EPICNEMT), Howard developed the NEMT Broker Roadmap Blueprint which led to hypergrowth which put Alivi #300 on the INC. 5,000 fastest growing companies in the United States with 1,496% growth.  Also ranked #95 TOP 100 Largest Private companies in South Florida, #67 by the Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies in America 2020 and #5 of the Fastest Growth companies in Healthcare in 2020.  He wrote and published for Alivi broker policy and procedures for inhouse as well as transportation network provide


We provide consulting services for passenger transportation companies including (NEMT) Non-emergency Medical Transportation businesses, Paratransit, Luxury Sedan and Limousine, Taxicab, Mass Transit, Transportation Network Companies, Transportation Brokers, MSO, MCO and Healthcare Plans.  Please select our services below and see how we can get you to the next level.

Expert Witness Testimony

H&S provides expert transportation witness testimony for cases related to non-emergency …

Business/Field Operations

If you’re starting a passenger transportation company, H&S can assist you with structuring and implementing effective…


H&S’s transportation business consultants help new and existing transportation businesses develop…


Our transportation company consultants have provided HR assistance to numerous companies in the field…


To be successful in the modern marketplace, your passenger transport company needs solid branding and marketing solutions…

Company Training & Education

The NEMT transportation consultants at H&S can provide your business with policy and procedure training and …


H&S can help your transportation company with a wide array of public relations consulting services. Below are some of the…


H&S provides business technology solutions for transportation on NEMT companies. Below are a few of the services that…

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