Expert Witness Testimony, Trial & Advisement

H&S provides expert transportation witness testimony for cases related to non-emergency and passenger transportation. Learn more about the services we provide below:

Expert Opinions – Documents reviewed with expert opinion verbally with report

Plaintiff/Defendant – Providing defense or offense for cases

Regulatory Issues – Review ordinances, rules and regulations for Federal, State and local governmental agencies

Standard of Care– Determine the standard of care for each industry for the degree of care (watchfulness, attention, caution, and prudence) that a reasonable person should exercise under the circumstances.

Duty of Care– Construct the Duty of Care for the your industry. The principle of duty of care is that you have an obligation to avoid acts or omissions, which could be reasonably foreseen to injure of harm other people.

Expert Testimony/Depositions – Providing expert onlocation, virtual and depositions